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Welcome! Read news and other information about healthy living and benefits of chiropractic care. Get insights and tips on back care, injury prevention, nutrition and much more in my chiropractic blog.

For example, do you know what causes headaches, neck and arm pain? Do you know how many movable vertebrae you have? Do you know the most common misconceptions people have about over-the-counter pain killers? I offer a wealth of information, some of which may surprise you, and who knows…maybe even help you live healthier and happier.

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What are the best foods to fight aging?

Hello, The food we eat has  allot to do with our health and aging. This article gives us information of good food choices.  Please enjoy. What are the best foods to fight aging? Published Just now By Maria Cohut Fact checked by Honor Whiteman Eat well for a long and healthy life – that’s a mantra that

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Fiber Is Good for You. Now Scientist May Know Why.

Hello, Research has shown why fiber is important in our diet.  Please enjoy. Fiber Is Good for You. Now Scientists May Know Why.   A diet of fiber-rich foods, such as fruits and vegetables, reduces the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. Indeed, the evidence for fiber’s benefits extends beyond any particular ailment: Eating more fiber seems

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Do not avoid gulten unless you have celiac disease, researchers say

Hello, Today many people are avoiding gluten in their diet, but should we?  Researchers say no. Please enjoy.   Do not avoid gluten unless you have celiac disease, researchers say Published Wednesday 3 May 2017 By Ana Sandoiu Gluten is a protein commonly found in grains such as rye, barley, and wheat. For patients with celiac

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Be Wary of Excessive Salt in Some Restaurant Meals

Hello, Most of use need to keep track of our salt intake.  This article highlights excessive salt in restaurant meals.  Please enjoy. Be Wary of Excessive Salt in Some Restaurant Meals By Kristen Linsalata Oct. 30, 2017 — We’ve heard that restaurant meals have a lot of salt, but it can be difficult to know

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